Refresher Course: Sustainable potato supply chains to support rural development in Latin America [Bogota, Colombia – 13-24 Nov 2012]

Unit: Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation
Location: Bogota, Colombia
Organisation: Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation

The potato crop plays an important role in food security and rural development in many Latin American countries. Well-functioning potato supply chains are increasingly seen as effective instruments for improving rural livelihoods.

This refresher course will focus on potato supply chains for different types of markets including rural markets, urban markets as well as supply chains for the processing industry. The course will address technical innovations related to cultivation and post-harvest management as well as institutional and organizational aspects of the supply chain. Particular attention will be paid to supply systems for high quality seed potatoes since this is a critical part of the supply chain.

The course subjects will be illustrated by relevant examples and cases from the Colombian potato sector and industry.

Apply online here –

Application deadline: 10 September 2012


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