Overview of the PVY management in France by the seed potato sector

Potato virus Y (PVY), type-member of the genus Potyvirus, appears in the ‘Top 10’ list of the most important plant viruses given notably its worldwide distribution and its economic impact (Karen-Beth et al., 2011). Indeed, PVY could infect up to 500 plant species, mainly species from the family Solanaceous including some weeds and especially some economical important crops (potato, tobacco, tomato, pepper). On ware potato, PVY could induce major yield losses of 80%, depending on the cultivar susceptibility and the health of the planted potato tuber. Moreover, PVY may downgrade the tuber quality due to the capacity of some isolates to induce tuber necrosis symptoms leading to reduce their marketability…

Glais, L.; Boquel, S.; Khelifa, M.; Ponce de Leon, A.; Deveaux, V.; Le HingratOverview of the PVY management in France by the seed potato sector. En: XXV Congreso de la Asociación Latinoamericana de la Papa (ALAP). Uberlandia, Brasil, 17-21 de septiembre de 2012.

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