Dutch Potato Innovation Journey

Are you interested and eager to meet the innovated Dutch potato industry? Or would you like to see and experiences how the Dutch grow and work with this great product originated from South America? Then the Dutch Potato Innovation Journey is not to be missed! Especially for those working in the Central – and South American potato business we have an unique opportunity to get to understand the fascinating world of The Dutch Potato branch!

From the 17th until the 23rd of August we organize the Dutch Potato Innovation Journey. During this one week event we will visit a great variety of agri-businesses whom are working in the field of potato industry. There will be a visit to the University of Wageningen, research station, several manufacturers and the Aardappeldemodag, a day where for instance many potato equipment demonstrations are being held, multiple field trials can be visited and where you can experience the Dutch way of potato farming.

When you have any questions regarding the Dutch Potato Innovation Journey, please contact us at info@rmaris.eu


Rics Maris

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