Global Potato Research for a Changing World

The present report provides an overview on newly available technology options for increasing crop yields and improving yield stability in potato production. Biotic and abiotic constraints to crop production are discussed in detail and technologies to address these constraints are presented. As a principal contribution, the report offers a comprehensive overview of technologies available for potato production. With special emphasis on improved varieties, it covers the different types of technologies and approaches, oriented towards yield improvement, yield stabilization as well as aspects of crop quality. Therefore, it not only represents an encompassing exposé of technologies for further use by CIP researchers, but also offers a starting point for prospective analyses of technology impacts.

Manuel Gastelo, Ulrich Kleinwechter and Merideth Bonierbale. 2014. Global Potato Research for a Changing World. International Potato Center (CIP), Lima, Peru. Working Paper 2014-1. 43 p

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