Multi-actor collaboration in value chains: an avenue to innovation?

Everybody who tasted TomCris’s potato crisps loved them: they were fresh, crunchy and great tasting. Thomas and other small-scale processors in Uganda were able to sell their potato crisps in the local market. In the supermarkets, however, it was a different story. Very few people bought local crisps, opting instead for imported brands. Thomas could not figure out why his brand wasn’t competitive. That’s where the participatory market chain approach (PMCA) came in: an approach created by the International Potato Center (CIP) to develop value chains for the benefit of all actors along the chain. It generates benefits through value addition, improved information flows and collective action.

Multi-actor collaboration in value chains: an avenue to innovation? Sarah Mayanja, Andre Devaux, Berga Lemaga, Damalie Magala, Douglas Horton, Beatrice Akello, Lucy Aliguma, Thomas Bernet, Immaculate Sekitto, Graham Thiele and Claudio Velasco. In: Pyburn, R. and J. Woodhill (eds.) 2014. Dynamics of Rural Innovation – A primer for emerging professionals. LM Publishers, Arnhem.

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