Everything Potato Growers Should Know About Remote Sensing

Have you scouted your potato crop without touching it physically?

If so, congratulations. You are a user of remote sensing.

If you haven’t, do not worry. It is a good time to start.

And if you had a bad experience with the results of remote sensing, give it a second chance. Today’s remote sensing companies allow you to get the most out of their products and services.

Previously, each company had its own data format, which made communication between on-farm devices and information management tools difficult. Many producers did not know what to do with the information and couldn’t use it on their farms.

Things have improved, thanks in part to the Open Agriculture Data Alliance (OADA), a group made up of researchers from Purdue University and agricultural companies. The OADA has worked since 2014 to unify formats and improve the exchange of information between devices and tools.

Meanwhile, investors continue to rely on agricultural technology companies, which offer products that support remote sensing. According to AgFunder, entrepreneurship in agriculture and food technology received a record $10.1 billion in investments in 2017, 29 percent more than in 2016.

But what exactly is remote sensing?

Read the full article at http://bit.ly/2MIGiWf


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